Board of Directors

FML adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance in all its dealings and as such has appointed a world-class Board of Directors with a wealth of experience in a broad cross-section of areas and disciplines:

Wayne Waterworth - Managing Director: Logistics

Wayne Waterworth is currently the Managing Director of FML Oil, a fuel logistics company which is a 100% subsidiary of Brainworks Limited ("Brainworks"). A chartered electrical engineer by profession, he has significant experience in the mining, construction and engineering sectors in Zimbabwe. Prior to joining Brainworks, Wayne was the Managing Director of Falcon Gold Limited, a Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed gold mining company, a role he assumed in Jan 2008. He has worked in Europe and in various southern African countries. He is a highly experienced professional with more than 20 years’ experience in senior general and technical management roles. He has a proven track record in a variety of industrial and commercial and Turn Key projects in the mining sectors, petrochemicals and large and small-scale construction sectors. At Brainworks, Wayne is also responsible for the technical evaluation of business opportunities, and assists the Company’s investee companies in strengthening their technical operations and enhancing shareholder value.

George Manyere - Non-Executive Chairman

George Manyere is the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Investment Officer and founder of Brainworks. George has been involved in all phases of Brainworks' development since its founding in 2009. Brainworks is a leading and growing investment, consultancy and corporate advisory company, primarily in Zimbabwe, with total balance sheet size of approximately US$169 million, shareholders’ funds of approximately US$118 million, consolidated annual revenues of approximately US$65 million and total employees in subsidiaries and associates approaching 2,000 (as of 31 March 2015). Within the first five years of its formation, George has led Brainworks in developing and executing its strategy which has seen it become one of Zimbabwe’s leading investment holding companies and a market leader in the provision of corporate advisory services. Under his leadership, Brainworks has successfully concluded approximately US$120 million in proprietary investments (80% equity transactions and 20% debt), and approximately US$500 million in third party corporate advisory transactions comprising both debt and equity transactions. Through Brainworks, George has successfully lead investments in various sectors in Zimbabwe namely financial services (banking, insurance and asset management), energy logistics, hospitality and real estate.

Walter Kambwanji - Non-Executive Director

Walter Kambwanji co-founded Brainworks and is the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. He is a Chartered Accountant with significant experience in finance and operations in Zimbabwe and internationally. Prior to co-founding Brainworks in 2009, he was a professional in the finance department of HSBC in London. Walter has previously been the Finance Director of various institutions in Zimbabwe including BancABC Zimbabwe Limited, Renaissance Merchant Bank Limited and Murray & Roberts Zimbabwe Limited. He was seconded to Premier Bank in April 2009 to undertake the restructuring and strengthening of the banking group’s operations. Notable achievements at Premier Bank include the successful rationalisation of operations and staff, restructuring of the balance sheet and containment of costs. Walter holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science from the University of South Africa and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe. He has completed various international courses in finance, strategy and banking.