As a growing provider of integrated bulk fuel haulage solutions, FML offers start-to-finish logistics expertise within Zimbabwe and the region. The fleet of specialised tractor trucks and tankers provide primary and secondary distribution services to various oil majors within the Southern Africa Development Community (“SADC”). 

Due to the SADC region’s limited refining capacity and ongoing pipeline constraints, continuity of supply is increasingly becoming an important competitive advantage and an efficient road haulage service is a key differentiator. With this in mind, FML is building its business around reliability of supply and related supply chain efficiencies. 

Our sector-specific approach means we can deliver significant value beyond lower costs and lower-risk due to the following: 

  • Industry leading logistics solutions and innovation.
  • Reliability, efficiency and accountability.
  • World-class ADR specification tractor trucks and tankers.
  • Higher service levels.
  • Preferred employer status.
  • High SHE levels and quality assurance system.
  • A strong balance sheet to grow the fleet exponentially.

Within the SADC region, the majority of road tanker operators are small two to three truck operations utilising cheaper, with many using left-hand drive imports from the USA, which are not well suited to African roads and loading conditions. Many of them are under-insured and lack the necessary certification required to carry hazardous goods. Poor road conditions, congestion, slow border clearance, overloading and weak law enforcement further compound these issues, which, if not managed correctly can result in serious blockages in the system.  

FML prides itself on its in-depth and intimate understanding of these challenges and through its combined 30 years of industry specific experience, a well-defined system of processes and 24/7 real-time monitoring, is able to successfully mitigate these risks and provide its clients with an efficient, reliable and competitively priced service.